Cal at One | Boston Children’s Photography

Spending a fall afternoon with Cal and his parents is literally a walk in the park.  They are a riot, and such fun to hang out with.

I can’t believe that almost a year has gone by since I last photographed this gorgeous boy.  When we first met, this little guy was just a few weeks old.  Even then, he was adamant that no one thought of him as a baby: he smiled, pushed up, and posed through his entire newborn photo shoot like he’d been doing this forever.

Of course, now he is really not a baby any longer.  On this beautiful fall day at the Larz Anderson Park, Cal was toddling, running, clapping, dancing . . . fast as lighting.  And all the while charming the lens off of my camera.

Jonah at Eighteen Months | Boston Children’s Photography

It’s hard to believe, but the last time I had a formal photoshoot with Jonah, he was four months old and just learning to sit up by himself.  Now he’s scampering up and down the jungle gym like a pro.

You can’t tell from the photographs, but Jonah was on the move during his entire photoshoot.  In between running, and climbing, and digging, and bicycling, though, he gave me the most adorable laughs and smiles.  Oh he also recited the alphabet and counted to like a million (ok, not really a million, but close).

I suspect that the next time I photograph this little boy, he will be doing algebra while scaling Everest.  And looking super handsome while doing it.

A very delicious ONE

Given how busy shooting I’ve been this summer, it’s almost unconscionable how slow I’ve been in loading images to this blogsite.  The photoshoots, the post-processing . . . all the client work comes first, and then the blog seems to fall sadly by the wayside.  By way of an apology, though, I’ve got a set of very special images to share.

It seems impossible that time has passed so quickly, but my darling little boy is now ONE!  I can’t write too much about it, or else I’ll just devolve into a blubbering mess.  But when I look at the photographs we have of his first month of life and compare them to what he looks like now, I can hardly believe  that the wrinkled, helpless, scrawny, alien-looking creature who came into the world last July is now this curious, robust, happy, delightful boy.  I know he has so much growing left to do, but I already feel like it’s all moving too fast.

I know I can’t stop time.  But I feel so lucky to have my camera to document these fleeting, beautiful moments.


Gianna | Boston Newborn Photoshoot

It was a dreary winter day that I headed out to photograph Gianna.  The air was damp and cold, and yet another snow storm was on its way.  As soon as I stepped across the threshold of Kate and Dante’s house, though, I felt so warm and cozy.  Like this is a Home.

And what a lovely home it is!  And filled with such love and joy.

I can’t believe that just a little bit over a year ago, I did a maternity photoshoot for the uber-photogenic Kate and Dante on the eve (literally on the eve) of the birth of their son.  And now I have the privilege of capturing their gorgeous family again!  In a blink of an eye, they’ve gone from 2 to 3 to 4, with the arrival of their beautiful daughter.  Congrats!  And thanks for making my job so fun and easy.  I can’t wait to capture more milestones in your family’s life.

Anna and Nathan | Boston Children and Family Photography

Anna and Nathan’s mom is one of my best friends.  And in the last several months, after my son was born, she’s been such a source of support, inspiration, and wisdom.  So it was especially nice to have the opportunity to say “thank you” in the form of a photo shoot for her gorgeous, hilarious family.

We headed out to my favorite location, the Larz Anderson Park (seriously, there’s no part of that park that is not picturesque), and while it was a weirdly freeeeezing cold day, Anna and Nathan were unfazed.   My major challenge was running after these two and trying to get a shot before they were off again!  I think that all of their joy and exuberance totally came across in the photos, don’t you?!

Special thanks to Anna, who was not only a beautiful model but also a great photo assistant.  She not only led her brother all around the park, she also had an awesome ability to make him laugh at just the right time.  I love these two!

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