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Getting A-Head | Boston Headshot Photography

What do the next Governor of Massachusetts (knock on wood!), a family therapist, an MIT professor, an entrepreneur, and a personal organizer have in common?  Aside from being all wonderful people, they all had their head shots recently done by Doubly Happy Photography. A great headshot can make your website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, or […]

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Jess | Hip Hop-Inspired Dance Photography in Brookline, Boston

Jess is quite possibly the hardest working woman in the dance business.  She teaches hip hop, Zumba, Bollywood, Malaysian, BodyJam . . . oh, and she also has a full-time, non-dance-related day job!  The Energizer Bunny has nothing on her. Of course, I wasn’t surprised to find out that she is as multifaceted in her […]

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Monique | Contemporary Dance Photography in Brookline, Boston

Amory Park, Hall's Sanctuary, Brookline, Dance

Imagine if Martha Graham were a wood nymph. That’s the quirky image that popped into my head when I first visited Hall’s Sanctuary at Amory Park, a hidden gem in urban Brookline.  The sanctuary has a wild, almost primordial look . . . gorgeous tangled branches and dead tree stumps, a lily pond complete with […]

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Roselle | Fosse-Inspired Dance Photography in Brookline, Boston

Roselle is a hip hop and jazz dancer, choreographer, and teacher.  She’s also full of awesome, one of those people who are somehow always brimming with energy, joy, and creativity and whose exuberance is so uncontainable as to be infectious. I was so excited for our photoshoot, because I knew Roselle would be up for […]

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Sue | Ballet Photography in Brookline, Boston

Sue may be fun-sized in stature, but she is huge in passion, drive, and vision.  This is a woman who quit her day job to pursue her dream of opening up a dance studio just for adults.  Now, a little over two years after its grand opening, The Studio: A Dance Center for Adults is a Brookline […]

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