La Dolce Vita | Our Italian Vacation

By way of an explanation/apology for why I’m so behind on blogging client shoots, I thought I would give a little peek at our summer travels.  Recently, we took our two-year-old son on a ten-day trip to Italy.  We started in Florence, then trained to Rome, then ended our journey in Puglia, where we attended the beautiful farmhouse wedding of a friend.   It was the best vacation I have ever taken . . . solo, with my husband, or with family!

Here’s the thing: before we left, everyone cautioned that traveling with a young child is a nightmare.  We packed heavy and prepared for every possible disaster.  But all that anxiety was not borne out by reality.  Our son did awesome.  We kept him on Boston time, so that he (and we) slept until 11 am or noon each day, napped around 5 or 6 pm, and woke up in time for us to have the long, luxurious meals that Italians love.  He loved exploring new places and having adventures.

To see the eyes of a child open wide at the sheer scale of David, to experience ancient Rome through their imagination, and to watch your child rocking out to a twenty-piece Apulian drum band at midnight . . . these are images I’ll never forget.  

Amy Maricle - September 14, 2014 - 7:13 am

Amanda- these are lovely, and I love the sentiments about enjoying his joy so much. Thank you for sharing it all.


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